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Dez Bryant Is Done With Domestic Violence Speaks At Dallas Men’s Rally

This past weekend the men of Dallas united in a rally against Domestic Violence. I had several male friends participate in the rally; it was certainly a proud moment to watch. During the rally, Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, took a stance and spoke out against domestic violence. I don’t know if you recall, but Dez Braynt made headlines last year after his mom, Angela, called 911 accusing the athlete of assaulting her.

Dez Bryant Girlfriend Briana Hook Dez Bryant Is Done With Domestic Violence Speaks At Dallas Mens Rally

Bryant’s stance against domestic violence comes at the right moment. According to Diva Whispers, Dez Bryant has taken himself off the market. He’s gone public with his relationship involving Briana Hook (pictured above).

…Anyway going back to the Dallas rally against domestic violence, Dez Bryant stood before several men and made the vow to never lift his hands to a woman again:

Here’s all you need to know, I’m done with domestic abuse. I made a mistake… {Read more from the speech}

Definitely easier said than done. Some men aren’t as quick to forgive or forget Bryant’s actions against his mom. Check out more excerpts from Bryant’s speech and see what The Great Monkey Suit thinks of Bryant’s new stance.

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  1. At least he’s saying something.

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