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So Chris Brown Is On Edge Over $10 Valet Parking…Really?!?

I wasn’t going to post this video at first, because I was like Not Another Chris Brown Outburst via TMZ. But then I saw the exchange close up, and I’m like does the context even matter. Chris Brown can be seen in the video below going off on a valet attendant after the attendant asked Breezy for $10 to get his vehicle. I don’t know why Chris Brown feels like he shouldn’t have to pay the money, and I don’t know what happened prior, but Breezy quickly becomes outraged. So outrage that his demeanor becomes threatening, and I thought he was going to catch another assault case. This is unacceptable. Not everyone is out to get Breezy, and he needs to grow up.

I know we don’t know Chris Brown’s side of the story, but I’m not sure we need to this time. Who gets mad over $10 valet fee, fair or not fair, to the point you ready to attack the valet guy smaller than you for doing his job. What mature people do, is ask to see the manager. Have a conversation with the manager without threats of violence. -OR -Pay the $10 fee before fighting, and write a mean letter to the bowling alley and the valet service demanding a refund. What mature people do not do, is threaten to “turn up” the whole bowling alley at a charity event over a $10 dispute, even if it’s the principle of the manner.

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