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BONUS: Justin Timberlake SNL Veganville “Harlem Shake” Skit

Of course every time Jusitn Timberlake is on SNL, we expect him to do a Food-ville musical skit. This time around Justin Timberlake is dressed like a giant piece of tofu promoting Veganville, while simultaneously destroying the sales of the neighboring Sausage Depot. Veganville includes hits like Brown Rice Baby (Vanilla Ice), We Found Love In A Meatless Place (Rihanna), and my favorite Veggie Veggie Veggie (Trindad James). We can’t forget the:

Bring it on down to Vegnaville

Justim Timberlake SNL Veganville Harlem Shake

Just when I though I’ve had enough of the Food-ville saga, Justin Timberlake ends the set while screaming out, “ToFu Burritas…[long pause]…Drink A Vegan Shake” (Baauer’s Harlem Shake)…and the rest is SNL history. Video below after the jump:

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