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Lil Wayne is acting like a, what’s the word? Since I don’t cuss, I will substitute it with the word Shady Female! Not the good kind of shade that Mariah Carey throws at Nicki Minaj on Idol, but the crabs in the barrel type of shade. After being kicked out a Miami Heat game by security for allegedly cheering for the Lakers, and acting out of pocket with surrounding fans, Lil Wayne decides to get revenge on Miami Heat, by outing the fact they he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne Bosh. BUT Chris Bosh didn’t do anything to Lil Wayne!


1) If Lil Wayne slept with Adrienne, it was well before she was Mrs. Bosh, and well before she had Bosh’s son in wedlock. 2) Why would Lil Wayne publicly try to destroy someone’s relationship over a basketball game? Why so personal? Global Grind think they may have the answer, but after all this time, does it even matter anymore? The little people are going mad, first Katt Williams, and now Lil Wayne.

Apparently, Lil Waynes thinks Miami Heat teammates had him banned from all NBA events. Lil Wayne explains his outrage in Houston during All Star Week-end, check out the video below:

But Chirs Bosh didn’t do anything!!! LOL at “She” Wade…

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