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Lil Kim Spotted With Miley Cyrus…And Tiffany Foxx…And Lil Mama???

Lil Kim was spotted on the set of Tiffany Foxx’s new video, Twisted, along with Miley Cyrus. If you haven’t heard of Tiffany Foxx, you are not alone. She is a newcomer on the hip-hop scene.¬†Tiffany Foxx is Lil Kim’s new protege and the two female emcees are currently working on project together. I am not sure how Miley Cyrus enters into this scenario, but she is making a cameo in the Twisted video, along with¬†Lil Mama O_O.

Lil Kim Miley Cyrus Twisted Video Set Tiffany Foxx Lil Kim Spotted With Miley Cyrus...And Tiffany Foxx...And Lil Mama???

Oh wow! More pics when you continue at your own risk on Page 2…

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