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UPDATE: Chris Brown’s Lawyer Calls Service Allegations “Horsesh*t”

chris_brown_community_service_roadside2Chris Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, speaks out against allegations that Chris Brown’s community service hours are fabricated. Geragos, not mincing his words called the allegations, “horse sh*t”:

The D.A’s office has apparently lost their minds and apparently they can’t read their own reports which clearly state he did the work. They are making scurrilous, libelous and defamatory claims against my client. They should be embarrassed. t is all so stupid. They  [Los Angeles D.A’s office] have indicated they will do anything to stop him from completing his court orders. The reason I say that they have lost their minds is that if a defense lawyer used these arguments that would be accused of being paranoid and schizophrenic. To believe them is to believe that six separate officers are in a conspiracy theory to help Chris Brown. They need to read their own interviews; they all saw him doing the work. The whole thing is horsesh*t. It’s really beneath their dignity.

I’m going to address it all in court tomorrow (Wednesday) and show how foolish they are

Chris Brown has the best lawyer, and he needs one since he has become a target. Hopefully the truth will prevail.

Details of the D.A.’s allegations on the next page…

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