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Close, But No Cigar: Ne-Yo Gives Up On Vegan Diet

I want to be very honest right now.  I laughed when I read this.  Because I know I’ve been in the place before, as I’m sure a lot of us has been.  But apparently R&B singer Ne-Yo was attempting to live a Vegan lifestyle but, after a little over 30 days, he’s ditched it.

Ne Yo gives up Vegan diet Close, But No Cigar: Ne Yo Gives Up On Vegan Diet

I do applaud him for wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.  And it’s not just something you can just jump into.  A lot of us have to go through an adjustment period and get used to a new routine, be it changing your diet or habits.  So I hope he just continues to do things that will improve his health.  Nothing wrong with quitting, as long as you use that time to regroup and get back at it.

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