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Beyonce Says: Destiny’s Child Is ‘Gone With the Wind Fabulous’

During an interview with Inside Edition, Beyonce made Kenya Moore’s life complete. When asked her opinion on the Destiny’s Child reunion with singers Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams (during the Superbowl half time show), Beyonce simply responded:

They were fierce, honey. ‘Gone With the Wind Fabulous.

Of course Kenya Moore and Andy Cohen of Bravo are on cloud nine, check out Kenya Moore’s response to the Beyonce shot out when you continue:

I thought it was a complete joke. So when I finally saw it, I was absolutely speechless. I was elated to know that my favorite singer watches the show and that she’s adopted my saying. It’s obviously original to me and means so much to me from a personal standpoint, and to compound all of that, it felt like she was Team Kenya. I joke about her being my twin, but it’s just because I love her so much. It’s all in fun, and I’m just glad that she watches the show and doesn’t mind my silly comparison … It’s the ultimate compliment and nod. I just live for her — she gave me life by doing that.


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