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Video: Did First Lady Michelle Side Eye Speaker Boehner?

Did our FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, give Speaker Boehner one mean side eye with an eye roll? Yes, she did! Things can easily be taken out of context, but it’s still hilarious to watch. I don’t know what Speaker Boehner said to the First Lady, but her response was PRICELESS! Oh to be a fly on the wall, or to just have the audio. I am sure it wasn’t personal, but the image sure speaks volume to the Obama-Boehner era.

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  1. Prior entry to the luncheon. Mr. Boehner had been disrespectful by bumping into her without an apology which seemed intentional. He showed how arroganct and ignorant, disrespectful that he was throughout the luncheon to the First Lady.

    • Thanks for the info, I didn’t see that via video.

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