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Uh-Oh! Chris Brown’s “Fist” In A Cast; Compares Himself To Jesus

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were involved in a fight. But if you let each side tell it, neither of them started or had anything to do with the fight. They are both “victims”. Although they’ve been passing threats for nearly two years.

Chris Brown Cast Hand Frank Ocean Fight

Frank Ocean says that Chris Brown threw the first punch, which would explain the cast on Chris Brown’s fist hand. But to be fair we don’t really know Chris Brown’s side of the story, aside from the one his team leaked to TMZ, mainly because he wasn’t at the scene of the crime. He fled…again. You know, I am guilty of rooting for Team Breezy, but at what point is it time to stop. Chris Brown is the target of ridicule which he brought upon himself, but how many times is he going to say, “It wasn’t my fault,” then run from the scene. Guilty people don’t run every time. AND now this poor man-child is comparing himself to Jesus O_0, by uploading this picture on Instagram with this caption: (continue to Page 2)

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