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Nicki Minaj Is Not Amused With Mariah Carey At The ‘American Idol’ Press Conference

If looks could kill, Mariah Carey would probably be door-knob dead right about now.  The Huffington Post UK shared the pictures from the American Idol press conference yesterday and Nicki Minaj did NOT look happy to be on stage with Mariah.

To make matters worse, when reporters asked Mariah if the alleged feud between her and Nicki was over, Mariah commented that it was only a one-sided thing, AKA Nicki was taking unwarranted shots at Mariah.  Nicki responded back with passion saying, “No it wasn’t! See? They don’t want a rising star, they want drama.”  For the first time since American Idol started, I’m excited to see this catastrophic season go down.  Check out more salt-filled photos, when you continue… 

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