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NeNe Leakes Wants To Televise Her Big Wedding To Ex-Husband Gregg

Show of hands for the people who are surprised that the wedding for NeNe Leakes to her ex-husband Gregg Leakes is turning out to be a big event?  No one?  Me neither.  But E! Online is reporting that NeNe is considering taking her nuptials to the airwaves.

70th Golden Globes NeNe Leakes Red Carpet NeNe Leakes Wants To Televise Her Big Wedding To Ex Husband Gregg

“It’s kind of getting big, and it might be on television,” NeNe told me at the Golden Globes.

Greg is open to it, too. “It doesn’t matter if it was on television or another planet, I’ll take her wherever I can get her,” he said.

Well isn’t that adorable?? I’m thinking that that would be one of the funniest and extravagant weddings we’d see on television for the entire year of 2013!  Only time will tell if this actually gets approved, but I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t.

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One Comment

  1. Nene stop playing u kno dang gone well you took that dude back cause u caught him cheatin on you with that chic out of Atlanta .

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