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Naomi Campbell Injured During Mugging In Paris

What a scary moment this must have been! The New York Post is reporting that model Naomi Campbell was injured fairly seriously during a mugging in the streets of Paris.  Apparently Naomi was trying to hail a cab when a group of muggers knocked her down and robbed her, causing her to tear a ligament in her leg in the process. Ouch!!

Naomi Campbell MJ Cirque Soleil 2 Copy Naomi Campbell Injured During Mugging In Paris

One source said, “It was terrifying. Naomi believes the assailant had been watching her, casing her out, and waited for a moment to strike when she was alone.

“Her leg was injured as she was violently pushed to the ground. She was understandably very upset and shaken up,” the source said. It is not known what the thugs stole from her, but it’s believed they were targeting expensive jewelry she may have been wearing. 

She’s been in a wheelchair and crutches ever since the attack happened, over a month ago.  Naomi has gone under treatment and surgery for the torn ligament and should recover soon.  I’m sure she’s thankful that a torn ligament was the full extent of her injuries and it wasn’t any worse!


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