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Kim Kardashian: “Pregnancy Not As Easy As People Think…”

Kim Kardashian, who is reportedly three months pregnant by boyfriend Kanye West, has a few thoughts on pregnancy. In a recent video with ET, Kim Kardashian discusses the affects of pregnancy and concludes, “it’s not as easy as people think.” Although I know what she’s trying to say, it’s hard ignoring the fact that she thinks other people don’t understand pregnancy. Check out her thoughts on pregnancy on Page 3.

PICS: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also brought in the New Year together at 10ak Nightclub in Vegas. You can already see Kim Kardashian’s transformation into motherhood via her body language.

Kim Kardashian Lace Dress Pregnancy 10ak Vegas 2 Kim Kardashian: Pregnancy Not As Easy As People Think...

Check out more photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showing off their baby bump in Vegas on Page 2.

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  1. It’s a “LITTLE” painful….umm that’s understatement in labor, contractions and giving birth. And the early stages of vomiting, pains,morning sickness and all that jazz.

    And “Funner” is not a word. Everyone keeps having babies out of wedlock …

    • If this part isn’t easy, it’s not going to get better . She is really about to have a rude awakening, but I appreciate that she’s honest about how she feels.

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