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Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump Debuts At ICED Red Carpet

Kim Kardashian shows off her new “curve” at the ICED Festival at Cowboys Dance Hall in Canada. Kim Kardashian is starting to get the pregnancy glow, and below is the first peek of her changing shape. Kimye Baby Bump Fever 2013 is officially in the works. Check out the pictures below:

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump ICED 2 Kim Kardashians Baby Bump Debuts At ICED Red Carpet

More pics on the Page 2. BTW, I like this look on Kim better than that New Year’s Eve dress

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  1. Why is Kim K and Kanye on this website. Kim K has no talent and Kanye is racist against black women. Ever black male artis of G.O.O.D. music is with a white woman. NEXT!!!

    • Not sure why Kim K is on this site, either? Don’t know what it is that she does exactly, however people either love or hate her. But Kanye West really is a talented artist. As far as racism, Kim Kardashian is not white (one), Two Chainz has a beautiful black daughter (two), Big Sean is in love with a gorgeous brown skin down to earth black woman (three), and dating outside your race doesn’t make you racist (lastly).

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