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Jaime Foxx Calls Spike Lee “Shady” For Django Remarks

We are all use to Spike Lee criticizing every black film or films directed and/or produced by a black person, as sub-par. Rarely do we see Spike Lee praise anyone in the public eye, except for himself. A few weeks ago Spike Lee attacked Django Unchained as disrespectful to slavery for its glamorization of a holocaust, and its excessive use of the n-word. The kicker is that Spike Lee hasn’t seen the movie and refuses to see the movie. Jaime Foxx finally responds to Mr. Lee.

52nd Grammy Awards Salute Icon Doug morris jaime foxx Jaime Foxx Calls Spike Lee Shady For Django Remarks

Check out his response when you continue, it includes the words “shady” and “irresponsible”:

“The question for me is: where’s Spike Lee coming from? He didn’t like Whoopi Goldberg, he doesn’t like Tyler Perry, he doesn’t like anybody; I think he’s sort of run his course. I mean, I respect Spike, he’s a fantastic director. But he gets a little shady when he’s taking shots at his colleagues without looking at the work. To me, that’s irresponsible.” {Source}

I am a fan of Spike Lee (well sort of), but he is not that great, and he doesn’t know how to end a script. His ending aren’t profound, they are sometimes lazy. His films are more like sociological scripted documentaries, and seldom are they just entertaining. That’s fine because that is Spike’s signature, but imagine how horrible movies would be if that was everyone’s creative aim. Anyway, I digress, but I’m glad Jaime is addressing the issue.

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