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Fight! Fight! Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Fighting Over Parking Space…

UPDATE: Chris Brown is not at the scene when cops arrive (he’s never at the scene). No one is pressing charges.

UPDATE: Frank Ocean tweets that he was JUMPED by Chris Brown and friends, CONFIRMS fight!

Frank Ocean Tweets Chris Brown Fight

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown are currently in a fight right now at the studio and cops have been called, according to reports from TMZ. I see Team Ocean is finally ready to deliver on that fade. Chris Brown’s and Frank Ocean’s beef goes way back to June of 2011, and it started on twitter.

BACK STORY: Chris Brown called Frank Ocean’s and Odd Future’s music “demonic and violent” toward women, and Frank Ocean called Chris Brown a “wife beater” (I mean technically, they were both telling the truth). A twitter war of tweets broke out, and Frank Ocean actually showed up to the studio to fight Chris Brown. Chris Brown wasn’t there that day back in 2011, but his friends were. Frank Ocean was out numbered and drove off to retreat. Chris Brown’s friends chased Frank Ocean down screaming, “Catch this fade,” while filming the whole ordeal. You can re-watch said video and get the NEW DETAILS on the NEW fight on the next page

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