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Busted! Chad Johnson Suing Two Sites Over Leaked Sex Tape

You know, if you’re gonna do a sextape with a loved one…or just a random…make sure you have the only copy, especially if you’re a celebrity.  And if it turns out it leaks in the future, just man up and act according. That’s what I gotta give Chad Johnson props for.  When the news about a leaked sex tape hit the web, he went ahead and said that it was indeed his but that he didn’t leak it.  He then went to the FBI to seek help in getting it removed from the internet, one site at a time.  Well, he wasn’t quite fast enough and is now suing sites WorldStarHipHop and MediaTakeout for posting videos, according to MSN Entertainment News.

 Busted! Chad Johnson Suing Two Sites Over Leaked Sex Tape

The video the sites posted was actually a compilation of screen captures of the leaked video but I guess that’s enough for Chad to act on.  The video was taken 3 years ago while Chad played for the Miami Dolphins in Florida.  Chad says the video was taken without his knowledge and his legal team has been serving up cease-and-desist letters since it leaked.  Guess we’ll see how many other sites will have to pay the piper for this one…

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