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Beyonce Wears T-Shirt, “Can I Live” & Everyone Sees A Message

Beyonce is seen below sporting a T-shirt that reads, “Can I Live?”. For some reason this is suppose to be her answer to the lip-synching rumors, or perhaps the fake pregnancy rumors, or perhaps to any rumors, or perhaps just how she’s feeling, or perhaps just a cute shirt she’s promoting. The shirt doesn’t address whether or not Beyonce lip-synched the National Anthem, and she hasn’t said it was an answer to anything in particular.

Beyonce Tweets T Shirt Can I Live Beyonce Wears T Shirt, Can I Live & Everyone Sees A Message

Perhaps as an entertainer, the saying just sums up Beyonce’s life [PERIOD] and the need for privacy and space. Or because Beyonce is a business woman, it keeps her name in the news cycle for yet another day…or two. Of course, it can also be read by the haters, as “Can I, Live?” (questioning Beyonce’s ability to sing live). But here we are talking about it regardless…

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