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Beyonce Fakes (Lip-Syncs) National Anthem At Inauguration? UN-Confirmed!

It has been alleged that Beyonce Knowles Carter used a prerecorded track to sing the National Anthem, instead of singing live. Some people have confirmed the story, but there isn’t any actual proof Beyonce didn’t sing live, remember people still believe she didn’t give birth. But if this is in fact true…normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but let’s face it, Beyonce stans are quite annoying. I love seeing them scramble to make excuses on how lip-syncing is actually great, now that Beyonce has been caught joining the club, allegedly caught.

We did prerecord it and it was Beyoncé’s decision at the last minute to go with the prerecorded version. We prerecorded all music as a matter of course and have done since time immemorial.

Beyonce Inauguration President Obama National Anthem 4 Beyonce Fakes (Lip Syncs) National Anthem At Inauguration? UN Confirmed!

I also like the faces Beyonce made before getting into character to sing a song she already sang. Oh the faces! But enough teasing of the stans, if Beyonce was going to lip-sync to a prerecorded track, why didn’t she make it historical, like Whitney Houston? Because it wasn’t historical like Whitney Houston’s version, good, great even, but not history making, chart topping, chart breaking great. To be fair (continued on Page 2)…

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  1. Does it really matter? …At this point we all know she can sing her butt off!

    • Yes and No! Of course it’s amazing if it’s pre-recorded. You have time to perfect it. But if it’s live, it gives it that extra wow factor, a feeling of authenticity. I don’t think it’s a matter of if she can sing, we all know she can. I think it’s more of why didn’t she sing live.

      However, we don’t know if these rumors are true. It seems someone is always out to get her. I can see both sides of the argument. So yes and no it matters.

  2. people are so silly! now why would this be all over like that, somebody that had nothing to do and a lot of hate in their heart made it up and everyone is just running with it! it doesn’t even make since to lip sync when she love them both so much, I think she would have sang even if she had a cold! plus she was playing with a live band! not a record and she pulled her ear out so just bye! I don’t believe it! she would have to say she did it for me to believe it. because people are just SILLY!

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