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Time Magazine Names Usher’s ‘Climax’ The Best Song Of 2012

At the end of the year, whenever I see lists that talk about the best of anything of the year I’m in shock about how much has happened within one year.  For instance, when thinking about the best song of 2012, I realize that a LOT of music came out this year.  A lot of new stuff, by artists new and old have been listened to by my own ears.  Time Magazine sat down and composed a list of the best songs of 2012 and to my surprise (am I’m pretty sure everyone else’s) they named Usher‘s Climax as the best song of 2012.

Usher AMEX Unstaged Time Magazine Names Ushers Climax The Best Song Of 2012


I mean, I don’t hate Climax. It’s a cool song. But…the best song of 2012?? Nah. Not really.  I don’t even think that that’s Usher‘s best song that he released this year. He even beat out Korean sensation PSY‘s catchy Gangnam Style. That song would have made more sense to me to top the list, seeing as he’s made millions on top of millions on that song alone.  I don’t know who decided this list but I have no idea what they were even thinking with these songs.  Listen to the top song of 2012 and see if you agree with their choices, when you continue… 

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