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Snoop Dogg: “Katt Williams Need Some Help”

When asked about Katt Williams’s recent antics and run-ins with the law, Snoop Dogg got real serious, real fast as he pleaded for someone to help his friend.

But yesterday in L.A., Snoop wasn’t laughing when we asked how he felt about Katt’s recent antics, arrests and impromptu retirement … telling us, “Katt needs some help man. Somebody needs to really sit him down and get him some help. I’m his friend man … I really wanna see him get some help man before he goes too far. Whoever really got love for Katt that’s around him, you need to take him and go get him some help.”

If Snoop Dogg says you need help, then BAY-BEE it’s time to get some help. Check out the video via TMZ, when you continue…


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