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Rihanna’s UK Show ‘Styled To Rock’ Coming To The US

In my opinion, Rihanna gets more accolades for her fashion sense than her music.  She’s a decent singer but she’s an even better fashion icon.  Capitalizing on that idea, Rihanna produced a series called Styled To Rock over in England.  The competition show brings together aspiring designers with the ultimate prize of designing a look for Rihanna to rock and perform in.  After having great success overseas Styled To Rock is headed to the US this summer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Rihanna Styled To Rock Rihannas UK Show Styled To Rock Coming To The US

Set for a summer 2013 release, the show will have weekly contests for 12 aspiring fashion designers. This time they’ll be competing for their styles to be rocked by a number of celebrities. No word on who yet but who knows. With Rihanna‘s ties to Jay-Z it might be safe to think that the celebrities will be some major names.  There also isn’t any word about when the search for designers will begin but if you’re an aspiring designer, I’d stick close to the Styled To Rock website if I were you…

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