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Rick Ross Cancels Concert After Receiving Death Threats

Talk about people who need a hobby!! Rapper Rick Ross has decided to cancel some concert stops due to death threats, according the Charlotte Observer.  Rick was scheduled to stop in Charlotte, North Carolina today and Greensboro tomorrow but has since pulled the plug after receiving death threats from Gangster Disciples.

Rick Ross Rozay New Years Eve Cameo Maimi 4 Rick Ross Cancels Concert After Receiving Death Threats

In the rap video the Disciples are upset because Ross mentions the name of the founder of the street gang and uses the Star of David to promote himself.

That symbol is used by the gang. Cole believes that one day Ross and the Disciples will work out their problems.

Last month, Gangster Disciples put out a YouTube video warning Rick Ross to stay out of North Carolina.  Guess he decided to take the threat seriously and acted accordingly.  You can watch the video below: 

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