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Judge Prevents Rapper Meek Mill From Performing

Talk about your past coming back to haunt you.  According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Meek Mill has been ordered to have several seats and not do any performances, except for charity.  He can’t even travel. He’s been grounded.  Why the ruling?  Because back in 2008 Meek Mill, who’s real name is Robert Williams, was convicted for gun and drug charges.

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Courtesy of Meek Mill Dream Team

“You need to get yourself together,” Judge Genece Brinkley said early on in Monday’s 21/2-hour probation hearing in Common Pleas Court in Philadelphia. Although this time of year is especially lucrative for performers, she said, “you are going to be home for Christmas and New Year’s.”

The central issue, she said, was Williams’ violation of her order to stop scheduling performances as of Nov. 16, when he was to appear in court and ask her to reinstate his travel permit. 

Meek‘s lawyers are trying to argue that Robert Williams is on probabtion but not Meek Mill.  And that stopping him from performing is messing with his livelihood. Umm. While that’s all well and good, you can’t just separate the two like they aren’t the same person.  He may have done bad in the past but he has to reap the consequences, no matter if he’s a rising star.  Them just be the breaks, as they say. Apparently his probation officer said she was never updated on his plans of traveling and performing.  Who knows. A simple phone call or email may have prevented this from happening. Hope he focuses on enjoying the holiday with the family and exercises some chill!

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