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Forbes Dubs Eddie Murphy “Most Over-Paid Actor”…Wow!

I didn’t know such a list existed until now, but Eddie Murphy tops Forbes’s Most Overpaid Stars. AND he’s not the only chocolate brother to make the top ten list, Forbes had the audacity to add Mr. Denzel Washington to the list at #8. Now that I think about it, Denzel Washington’s movies do feel like one extended long film with the exception of Book of Eli, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed an Eddie Murphy movie at the actual movie theater.

Kevin Hart Laugh At My Pain Eddie Murphy Forbes Dubs Eddie Murphy Most Over Paid Actor...Wow!

Also included on the top ten list of “overpaids”, are actresses Katherine Heigel (#2), Reese Witherspoon (#3), Sandra Bullock (#4), actors Jack Black (#5), Nicolas Cage (#6), Adam Sandler (#7), Ben Stiller (#9), and Sarah Jessica Parker (#10) rounds out the chart.

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One Comment

  1. Eddie Murphy is an icon who’ s paid his dues with all the talent that is not recognized. I enjoy his movies, every movies,may not be a hit. He is talented, stars like Arnold,Aniston,Clooney,Pitts, Jolie,Cruz,and a list of others that need to be added to the over the top payment should be on the list for Forbes. My opinion only.

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