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Evelyn Lozada Strips Down For PETA

Since I haven’t really heard anything about Chad Johnson flipping out and getting more tattoos of his ex wife Evelyn Lozada, I’m gonna hope seeing something like this doesn’t restart his antics.  Evelyn has teamed up with PETA to join their campaign against animal cruelty.  Urging everyone to have a fur free Holiday list this year, Evelyn bares it all for the print campaign.

Evelyn Lozada for PETA2 Evelyn Lozada Strips Down For PETA

Every fur coat, fur trinket, and bit of fur trim caused an animal tremendous suffering—and took away a life. Evelyn realized this when she saw the video footage of animals on fur farms and said, “You can verbalize what happens to these animals a thousand times, but [when] you see it, it definitely clicks in—and it did for me.”

PETA ads happen to be what I consider tasteful but if you want to peep the full ad with Evelyn in her naked glory, be warned that it may be considered slightly NSFW.  You can also peep the behind-the-scenes interview with Evelyn.  Check it out below: 

Evelyn Lozada for PETA Evelyn Lozada Strips Down For PETA

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