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Dave Brubeck, Jazz Icon, Dead At 91

Legendary jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck, dies at the age of 91 from heart failure, one day before his 92nd birthday, while on his way to a regular cardiology appointment, according to TMZ. Dave Brubeck is most popular for the song Take Five,  as part of the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Take Five is one of my favorite jazz songs. So in honor of Mr. Brubeck, I leave you with this.

As a humanist, he was at the forefront of integration, playing black jazz clubs throughout the deep South in the ’50s, a point of pride for him. “For as long as I’ve been playing jazz, people have been trying to pigeonhole me,” he once told the Tribune.

“Frankly, labels bore me.” {Dave Brubeck Dies At 91}

Saxophonist Paul Desmond (né Paul Emil Breitenfeld) is on lead in Take Five. He died back in 1977. He and Brubeck had great musical chemistry.

Brubeck leaves behind six children, four of whom are musicians, several grandchildren, a great-granddaughter, plus his wife, Iola.

December 6, 1920 – December 5, 2012

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