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Tami Roman Shows Off New Body…& Face?

Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Celebrity Events, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Red Carpet | 2 comments

Tami Roman hits the red carpet at the Vh1 DIVAS After Party to show off her weight loss along with her new body. Tami Roman 2.0 hit the red carpet looking quite fabulous, but something looks different about Ms Tami other than the weight loss, IMO.

Tami Roman Weight Loss vH1 Divas 2 Tami Roman Shows Off New Body...& Face?

IDK…Maybe her eye make-up is just different…whatever it is, she does look great! More pics of Tami Roman when you continue…

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President Obama Is Time Magazine’s ‘Person Of The Year’

Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Magazine, Celebrity News, Magazine Covers | Comments Off

For the second time after a historical election, President Obama has been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. President Obama won a second term with over 50% of the popular vote, not once, but twice. A feat that is actually rare in modern day elections. His first election has been validated, and we have four more years of this President. 47% of the country may be upset, but I am apart of the majority that is very excited my candidate won, not once, but twice:

President Obama Time Magazine Person Year President Obama Is Time Magazines Person Of The Year

But I think the choice that they made was less about me and more about them, more about who they saw themselves to be. And in that sense, 2012 may have been more satisfying a win than 2008 — because 2008 was all fun and exciting and — (laughter) — at least that’s how people remember it.

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Kerry Washington Covers Uptown Magazine

Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Magazine, Celebrity News, Movies | Comments Off

I don’t think anyone saw this coming, but actress Kerry Washington is on fire.  With her roles as Washington D.C. quicker fixer upper Olivia Pope on ABC‘s Scandal and German talking slave Broomhilda Von Shaft in Django Unchained, I’d say she’s having the best stages of her career.  Kerry covers this months edition of Uptown Magazine and talks to them about where she is in her life and how she feels about that.

Kerry Washington Uptown Magazine Kerry Washington Covers Uptown Magazine

It’s hard offhand to think of another actress who’s been in this position, and even harder to think of one in a pair of roles that are such whiplash extremes of one another. Washington, who is talented, beautiful, and smart, is still contemplating what it all means for her. “I know a moment like this doesn’t last forever,” she says during a recent interview in New York. Asked if she’s at least enjoying it, there is a long pause. “I think I am,” she says, finally.

As a fan of Scandal and after seeing Django Unchained a few times now, I gotta say she plays both roles excellently.  It’s hard to imagine that the same actress is doing it and that’s a sign of true talent. By the way, if you are curious about Django Unchained, check out my review here and see what I have to say about it.  Check out some more shots of the lovely Kerry below: 

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