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18 Children KILLED; 9 Adults DEAD…BUT WHY???

I know most of you have heard, if not, a 24 year old gunmen, Ryan Lanza*, goes to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., opens fire on innocent children and staff. 27 people are presumed dead, 18 of which are children. My heart is broken, and while I need to pray for the parents, I am just so angry. If someone says something about the 2nd Amendment or defend gun rights at this very moment, I feel like I could literally slap the piss out of them *in the spirit of Mama Braxton*. No one wants to take your guns away, we just want to prevent massacres like this from happening less frequently.

On another note: We have the media interviewing kids after such tragedy. Really?!?

Someone help me understand, why? What kind of evil lurks in someone to make them kill the most innocent amongst us?

Conneticut Elementary Shooting 18 Children KILLED; 9 Adults DEAD...BUT WHY???

UPDATED: 18 kids found dead at the scene, and 2 more died at the hospital. *The gunman may have been Ryan Lanza’s younger brother, Adam Lanza.

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One Comment

  1. From what I just heard on the radio, the gunman’s Mother taught at the school and it was in her classroom where the nutcase opened fire and killed him Mother! I’m just saddened and heart broken at the state of the world today. In a week, 2 men have opened fire in public places and killed innocent people. Sad…..

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