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Time Magazine Names Usher’s ‘Climax’ The Best Song Of 2012

Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Celebrity Magazine, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | Comments Off

At the end of the year, whenever I see lists that talk about the best of anything of the year I’m in shock about how much has happened within one year.  For instance, when thinking about the best song of 2012, I realize that a LOT of music came out this year.  A lot of new stuff, by artists new and old have been listened to by my own ears.  Time Magazine sat down and composed a list of the best songs of 2012 and to my surprise (am I’m pretty sure everyone else’s) they named Usher‘s Climax as the best song of 2012.

Usher AMEX Unstaged Time Magazine Names Ushers Climax The Best Song Of 2012


I mean, I don’t hate Climax. It’s a cool song. But…the best song of 2012?? Nah. Not really.  I don’t even think that that’s Usher‘s best song that he released this year. He even beat out Korean sensation PSY‘s catchy Gangnam Style. That song would have made more sense to me to top the list, seeing as he’s made millions on top of millions on that song alone.  I don’t know who decided this list but I have no idea what they were even thinking with these songs.  Listen to the top song of 2012 and see if you agree with their choices, when you continue… 

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Protected: Joe Budden Defend Himself Against Leaked Pics

Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Celebrity Humor, Celebrity News, Celebrity NSFW, Celebrity Twitter, Embarassing Moments, VIP NSFW | Comments Off

Another day, another leak. Joe Budden is upset because a leaked picture of him is circulating on twitter, judging by the comments people aren’t that impressed. So Joe Budden takes to twitter to defend his ummmm reputation, and honestly, it’s the most comical thing I have read in a long time. I think someone may have hurt Joe Budden’s pride.

Joe Budden Leaked Pics Joe Budden Defend Himself Against Leaked Pics

What’s funnier than leaked pics? The response to said leaked pics…read them when you continue…

This post is forVIP MEMBERS ONLY ( If you are not a member e-mail password@mrsgrapevine.com for the password).

Passowrd protected NSFW Joe Budden Defend Himself Against Leaked Pics
Some of these things are NSFW, so be careful when entering…

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

You are now entering at your own risk…
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Tamar Braxton ‘Love & War’: Yes! She Did That…

Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Celebrity News | 1 comment

Tamar Braxton releases a new single, Love and War, and it’s already creating quite the buzz. The sound reminds me of Toni Braxton back in the day, but an octave higher, and stronger. It feels like a real genuine R&B song. Something that is just missing on the airways. Singersroom says it best:

“Love and War” is a well written song and Tamar delivers both in vocals and emotions, making it sonically hit ready. If this doesn’t launch her music career, we don’t know what will.

Check out some of the lyrics when you continue…

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Rihanna’s UK Show ‘Styled To Rock’ Coming To The US

Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity News, TV Shows | Comments Off

In my opinion, Rihanna gets more accolades for her fashion sense than her music.  She’s a decent singer but she’s an even better fashion icon.  Capitalizing on that idea, Rihanna produced a series called Styled To Rock over in England.  The competition show brings together aspiring designers with the ultimate prize of designing a look for Rihanna to rock and perform in.  After having great success overseas Styled To Rock is headed to the US this summer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Rihanna Styled To Rock Rihannas UK Show Styled To Rock Coming To The US

Set for a summer 2013 release, the show will have weekly contests for 12 aspiring fashion designers. This time they’ll be competing for their styles to be rocked by a number of celebrities. No word on who yet but who knows. With Rihanna‘s ties to Jay-Z it might be safe to think that the celebrities will be some major names.

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