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VIDEO: RHOA Kenya Moore Is Not Here For The “Coochie Crack”

When the checks to stop coming…SMH! Kenya Moore has taken a long fall from grace and class as former Miss America USA. I don’t know if she’s always been this crazy, or if this outburst is just symptomatic of the reality TV cameras. BUT Kenya Moore is determine to be the break out star this season. Check out this clip of Kenya Moore starting drama at Cynthia Bailey’s studio during the JET Beauty of the Week open call auditions.

Just cause you were thinking it, too, doesn’t make it right.

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  1. She’s ignorant and just wants to ensure she stay on the show for bringing the most drama! I thought Kenya had class but I see not. Maybe that why she fell off with her old played out self!

  2. I don’t know who this crazy woman is but I can’t wait to see what ratchedness RHOA is bring this season!!!

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