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[VIDEO] Mike Epps Brawls With Heckler At A Nightclub

So yesterday it was reported by TMZ that the LAPD was called to a Hollywood nightclub Monday night after shots were allegedly fired after comedian Mike Epps got into a fight with a man. But now TMZ has worked their sources and obtained footage that shows Mike being the aggressor but shows no gun.

IHA 007487 [VIDEO] Mike Epps Brawls With Heckler At A Nightclub

Apparently there was a heckler who had been shouting things to Mike and his crew all night while they were in VIP.  Mike went outside to cool off but when he came back in, he saw the guy and proceeded to rush him.  I’m not sure who reported shots being fired but it doesn’t appear that there was one.  There IS a point where it seems maybe a bottle was thrown and shattered but that’s it. All this fighting isn’t good for someone who wants to be taken seriously as an actor!  Assess the scene when you continue… 



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