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Rihanna’s “Not Bad” Vocals On SNL

Man, I know I have been very critical of Rihanna’s voice, even though I have grown so fond of Rihanna over the years. Her live performance unfortunately was still an issue for me. Well I can’t find anything negative to say about her performance on Saturday Night Live, not that I was looking for something bad, well except for the green screen and the weird digital imagery, that went over my head. Anyway, Rihanna’s  vocals were very close to those on her upcoming album Unapologetic, and I was proud. I even clapped in the end like I was in the audience.

Rihanna singing Diamonds on SNL live:

*Side-note to Rihanna stans* Please don’t start comparing Rihanna to Adele. For real, STOP! Check out Rihanna, singing her heart out in the new song, Stay. I wonder if a certain young R&B singer is behind the lyrics to this song. Best vocals of her career thus far:

Funny how you’re the broken one, but I’m the only one who needed saving…STAY

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  1. She was ok

    • Exactly…which is better than before. It was “not bad”. lol

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