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Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Sugar Coat Anything In American Idol Promo Vid

I don’t think there’s been so much excitement surrounding a season of American Idol since the very first one.  But a lot of that stems from having Nicki Minaj on the panel as a judge.  It seems that folks either love her on the show or hate her. Toss in fellow judge Mariah Carey into the mix and it seems to be adding up to a highly dramatic season on our hands.  American Idol is banking on that and just released their first promo video for the new season, featuring a no-holds-barred Nicki Minaj.

Looking like a good balance of enjoyment and honesty, Nicki seems to find the most straight forward way of telling the folks who can’t sing that they can’t and the ones who can sing that they can. I can’t help but wonder though how Mariah Carey feels about Nicki being the first one in promo vid.  Check out the video below: 


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