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Guess Who?: Name That Dye Job!!

Time for a little bit of “Why the heck did they do that?” in the form of a guess who photo.  What young actor/singer recently showed off a…uh…unique dye job on the back of his head?

Jaden Smith dye patch Guess Who?: Name That Dye Job!!

His younger sister is the one who’s hair style tend to raise eyebrows.  It really looks like he just leaned back against a wall with wet paint and walked off. But we know that his easy going parents have no problem with it at all. Can you guess who it is? 

Jaden Smith Guess Who?: Name That Dye Job!!

It’s Jaden Smith!  He rocked this new look while flying into Los Angeles yesterday and The Daily Mail caught a glimpse of it.  I mean…it IS different than anything I’ve seen…so. Yeah. That’s all I got. What do you think? Hot or not?

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