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Billionaire Offers $5 Million To 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather For A Fight In The Ring

Remember when 50 Cent bailed Floyd Mayweather out of jail and they were the best of buddies? So much so that 50 decided to get into the boxing business with Floyd and work as his manager?  Well, apparently that’s no longer the case because over the past month 50 and Floyd have been tweeting insults at each other back and forth. Because that’s the grown up thing to do. And according to AllHipHop.com, some one wants to help them squash the beef. No, not DJ Clue.  Billionaire Alki David, that’s who.  Seems like he and Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing want to offer up a cash pot of $5 Million for them to slug it out.

According to David, the show would air on FilmOn.com and BattleCam.com, two ventures that David owns or is an investor in.

To make things safe, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and 50 Cent would fight three 2-minute rounds in head-gear, along with big celebrity boxing gloves.

The proposed fight will happen in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 14, if either of the two men accept the offer. 

To be honest, I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t go for it.  I’m sure they could use the money. It seems to be safe.  It’s much better than someone getting to heated and shooting someone.  And when it’s all done they can shake hands and walk away.  They haven’t been tweeting over the past few days so maybe they’ve been thinking this over seriously.  Or maybe, just maybe, they’re over their lover’s spat beef. One can only hope.

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