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Beyoncé Votes & Jay-Z Performs ’99 Problems (But Mitt Ain’t One)’

Election Day is here and the excitement and nervousness is just moving throughout the country! Lots of celebs are sharing their voting tales and urging others. And the Carters are doing the same.  Beyoncé posted a picture of herself with her voting ballot on her Tumblr *. While it’s blank, I think we can pretty much guess who she’s voting for…

Beyonce voting Tumblr Beyoncé Votes & Jay Z Performs 99 Problems (But Mitt Aint One)

While she got her vote on today, her husband Jay-Z was up in Ohio yesterday at the rally for President Barack Obama, along with Bruce Springsteen.  Both artists showed their support for the President but Jay-Z did it in a way that was most memorable:  He changed the lyrics of his song 99 Problems! I got 99 Problems/But Mitt Ain’t One I feel ya, Jay!  Check it out below


*Hey guys, just a quick word. I know everyone is eagerly posting pictures but don’t! Posting pictures of your ballot is illegal in certain states, so just post that “I Voted” sticker!

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