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Almost Friday Funnies: Gloria Velez And ‘That Turkey’ + #ThatPlate Tumblr

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know you guys have been in the kitchen (YAMS EVERYWHERE!) and all types of culinary creations are being created.  Some of them great and some…well…maybe they shouldn’t been seen by America.  Or especially Twitter.  Last night, model/reality star/R&B singer Aaron Hall‘s baby momma Gloria Velez took to Twitter to post a picture of her Thanksgiving turkey for all of us to see.

Seasoning the turkey. Tomorrow it’s going down.

Well. Twitter proceeded to let her have it. Calling it everything from “vomit covered turkey” to what was left after “someone went to Taco Bell and sh*tted on this turkey,” Gloria has learned the valuable lesson of taking food pictures: It may taste good but if it doesn’t look good, just keep it to yourself.  Wanna get a LOT more failed Thanksgiving pictures that will have you crying?  Check out the brilliant #ThatPlate tumblr by hilariously amazing Twitter user Steenfox and be horrifyingly entertained.

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