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Not Again!: Katt Williams Arrested For Hitting A Man With A Bottle

Someone needs to go to Oakland and help Katt Williams collect his things from out the paint and escort to a seat. It seems like over the last year, any time I hear about him he’s getting arrested for some kind of outlandish behavior.  Last time, he was detained for having a handgun and pulling it out on fellow comedian Faizon Love. Now, E! Online is reporting that he was arrested for assaulting a man with a bottle on Wednesday.

Police initially got a call about a man bleeding from the head, and proceeded to look for the funnyman after hearing that he was involved with the alleged assault, which took reportedly place in a tour vehicle.

About half an hour later, authorities found Katt at a nightclub and proceeded to take him into custody. 

This dude hit someone with a bottle AND went to a club afterwards?? NAWL. He needs to surround himself with better people.  This isn’t The Godfather. You don’t just beat folks up and think you can just go chill afterwards. SADDOWN KATT!!

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