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Guess Who?: Name That Dye Job!!

Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Celebrity News, Guess Who | Comments Off

Time for a little bit of “Why the heck did they do that?” in the form of a guess who photo.  What young actor/singer recently showed off a…uh…unique dye job on the back of his head?

Jaden Smith dye patch Guess Who?: Name That Dye Job!!

His younger sister is the one who’s hair style tend to raise eyebrows.  It really looks like he just leaned back against a wall with wet paint and walked off. But we know that his easy going parents have no problem with it at all. Can you guess who it is? 

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‘Trapped In The Closet’ Is Broadway Bound Says R. Kelly

Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Celebrity Humor, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Red Carpet | Comments Off

Last night, R. Kelly premiered his Trapped In The Closet series in New York City. While at the premiere R announced that there are plans to take the neverending story to Broadway, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Rachetness on a stage play?  Not sure if we’re ready.

MSA 004443 Trapped In The Closet Is Broadway Bound Says R. Kelly

“Some of the cities, I can’t guarantee all of them, and that’s what’s being negotiated right now because it takes a lot of time to do these chapters — I’m the only one in the studio writing these chapters.”

So this is going to be a chicken-circuit touring play??? *STARES WITH WIDE EYES*  The series has already started thanks to the IFC Channel and if you aren’t caught up, you’re in luck.  Watch chapter 23 when you continue… 

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Lil Wayne Collabs With Paris Hilton In ‘I Wanna Bang You’

Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | Comments Off

So…like…exactly how did THIS little duet get approved?? According to TMZ, and quite possibly one of the most random stories of 2012, a song has leaked by Paris Hilton featuring Lil Wayne.  I Wanna Bang You is a techno-heavy dance track for Paris‘ upcoming album that has Lil Wayne referencing her infamous sex tape.

Downloads5 Lil Wayne Collabs With Paris Hilton In I Wanna Bang You

Among Wayne’s borderline Seussical lyrics — “Last night was awesome / Super f**king awesome / It was me, myself, and I, and her / We had ourselves a foursome.”

But the clincher — Weezy raps, “Excuse my french, but f**k the cameras / I wanna spend a night in Paris.”

I have no words. The song started off OK, but after maybe 30 seconds, I was ready to unplug my speakers. But listen for yourself below

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