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Random Celebrity Tweets: Tyra Bank’s ‘Juicy Muffin Top’

I really do like Tyra Banks. She seems pretty genuine and unapologetic for who she is.  Seems like it took some time to get there but she’s in a place where her self esteem just shines through.  Case in point: Tyra shared some pictures of herself on Twitter, sporting what she calls her ‘juicy muffin top.’

Tyra Banks muffin top Random Celebrity Tweets: Tyra Banks Juicy Muffin Top

It’s nice to see natural curves and bumps!  I think we often get too caught up with photoshopped perfection to take the time to appreciate and love what we have.  Check out another shot with photographer Mark Liddell below: 

Tyra Banks muffin top 2 Random Celebrity Tweets: Tyra Banks Juicy Muffin Top


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  1. She is a beauty.

    • Yes she is, and I don’t see a juicy muffin top.

  2. If that’s a muffin top then I’ll take one!

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