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PHOTOS: Halle Berry Sparkles At Cloud Atlas Premiere

I have heard nothing but great things about Cloud Atlas. Trying to explain what this movie is about is very difficult. The best way is to explain Cloud Atlas is to compare it to a major piece of music with different movements, but instead of notes there are people that change, and instead of movements there are transitions through various decades through-out time.  The New York Times has an interesting breakdown on what the film is about:

“Cloud Atlas” is a movie about migratory souls and wayward civilizations, loaded with soaring themes and flights of feeling, as vaporous and comprehensive as its title. Big ideas, or at least earnest intellectual conceits, crowd the screen along with suave digital effects and gaudy costumes…Which actor — most of them inhabit several roles, in some cases changing gender or skin color as well as costume, accent and hairstyle — tackles the widest range of characters?

Halle Berry Cloud Atlas Premiere PHOTOS: Halle Berry Sparkles At Cloud Atlas Premiere

I have to see this movie. I like Halle Berry, but I can’t say her acting has ever been stellar, IMHO, even when she won the Oscar for best actress in Monster Ball. However, her acting has evolved, and this may be the best role of her life as far as depth. I hear the acting is on point, and I am sure Tom Hanks brings out the best in every actor.

Halle Berry Cloud Atlas Premiere 2 PHOTOS: Halle Berry Sparkles At Cloud Atlas Premiere

Halle Berry Cloud Atlas Premiere 1 PHOTOS: Halle Berry Sparkles At Cloud Atlas Premiere

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