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Nickelodeon: Kids Pick The President Winner Is President Obama

Every presidential election year, Nickelodeon hosts Kids Pick the President: The Candidates special where kids get to ask the presidential candidates questions in a town-hall style setting. Every presidential candidate participates in this special event where kids get involved in the political process, but this year one candidate couldn’t make time for the kids, and let’s just say is wasn’t President Obama. I don’t know how you CAN’T make time for the kids, but whatever, I am sure campaigning is more important than teaching American’s youth about democracy. But I digress…

Kids Pick President 2012 Nickelodeon: Kids Pick The President Winner Is President Obama

This year the kids of Nickelodeon chose President Obama as the winner. Before you call these babies biased, Kids Pick the President has accurately picked the winner of the presidential campaign almost every year since 1988, except in 2004 when they chose Senator Kerry as the winner over President Bush.

The kids of the United States have spoken and President Barack Obama has been elected the winner of Nickelodeon’s 2012 Kids Pick the President “Kids’ Vote.”  Since it began in 1988, kids have correctly picked the winner (in advance of the national election) five out of the last six times.  More than half a million votes were cast in the network’s online poll as part of Nickelodeon’s Kids Pick the President initiative to build young citizens’ awareness of, and involvement in, the election process.

President Obama received 65% of the vote and former Governor Mitt Romney received 35%.  In order to more closely replicate the actual election, and to ensure the results were more authentic, this year the voting was limited to one vote per electronic device.  Kids were able to cast their votes online from Oct. 15 to Oct. 22.

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  1. i relly lluv you oboma i agre with you and if i was older i would vote or you :{)

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