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Mike Epps To Play Richard Pryor In Nina Simone Biopic

Man, whoever is representing Mike Epps lucked up on this slot. As one of the greatest comedians of all-time, I’m fairly certain that a lot of people were clamoring to get the chance to play Richard Pryor.  But according the The Hollywood Reporter, Mike Epps walked away with the role.

IHA 007487 Mike Epps To Play Richard Pryor In Nina Simone Biopic

In a supporting role, Epps will play Pryor, who opened for the singer when they two were starting out in the early 1960s. Pryor had terrible stage fright and Simone, in her autobiography, recalled how she regularly rocked him into calmness. 

I have to admit, that’s actually a great story that I’m interested in seeing. And I gotta hand it to Mike. He’s been handling some pretty serious roles between the laid back  comedy ones.  It’s nice that he has variety in his acting career.  I mean, he just starred alongside Whitney Houston in Sparkle.  Seems like he might be leaning more towards cultivating this part of his career. That’s a good look!

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One Comment

  1. This a great choice….Mike Epps is the perfect and only choice for this role to play the late Richard Pryor

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