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It’s A Shade Tsunami!! Vivica Fox Goes IN On Stacey Dash & Her Romney Endorsement

Politics can bring out the nasty in people.  I’m sure everyone has experienced this, especially during the current Presidential race.  And apparently it’s no different for celebrities.  Vivica Fox sat down in an interview with TheGrio and talked about her feelings regarding Stacey Dash and her recent endorsement of Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

I don’t know why she had to do a photo shoot in a Baywatch red swimsuit with the boobs and the whole flag behind her. And she doesn’t have a job or something to promote right now.

Catch the shade, y’all!! Just catch it!! Watch the full clip below: 

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All jokes aside, it’s important for everyone to get out there and vote.  Vote for whoever best represents your views and hopes for the country.  And don’t just vote for the President! Vote for your congressmen, senators, mayors, city representatives, etc.  We need to ‘Rock The Vote’ with EVERY election!!

*steps off soapbox*


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