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Pat & Cissy Houston On The View Throw Shade On Bobbi Kristina’s Relationship

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News, TV Shows | 1 comment

Pat Houston and her delicate art of shade talks Bobbi Kristina and her “engagement” to brother-like boyfriend, Nick Gordon. She and Cissy Houston let it be known that they do not endorse or believe in Bobbi Kristina’s relationship with Gordon. According to Pat, it’s probably just a phase. Ouch! Pat Houston also defends the fact that Bobbi Kristina is drinking wine at 19, which does not sit well with Barbara Walters.

Is it me or is Barbara Walters a little aggressive? Barbara Walters does NOT like the idea that Bobbi Kristina is being exploited for ratings, and is not shy about it. Sherry steps in to break the tension. [Source] Check out part two of the interview where they talk about Bobbi Kristina’s drinking problem, and how much Bobbi Kristina is set to inherit. Pat and Barbara and exchanging quite a bit of shade:

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Check Out The Transformed Zoe Saldana As Nina Simone

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity News, Movies | Comments Off

When news broke of actress Zoe Saldana playing legendary singer Nina Simone, the internet went partial crazy. Mostly because  a lot of people felt that Zoe was the complete opposite physically of what Nina Simone looked like.  Even Jill Scott spoke about it to online mag Hello Beautiful, saying Zoe should wear a ‘prosthetic nose and darker makeup’ to portray Nina. Well The Daily Mail managed to snag a couple of pictures of Zoe made up, in character.

Zoe Saldana Nina Simone Check Out The Transformed Zoe Saldana As Nina Simone

It’s kind of hard to really picture her whole look is…but…I CAN see that there’s a prosthetic nose and teeth. I need to see the end product.  I just hope it doesn’t come across as campy, but I’m confident in Hollywood’s makeup ability.  Check out a side-by-side of Zoe and Nina and tell us what you think: 

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Magic Johnson Sued By Former Flight Attendant Who ‘Squeezed His Red Vines’

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News | Comments Off

Lemme first say that it’s amazing what people will put up with but after the fact, it THEN becomes “strange” or a problem.  According to TMZ, 45 year old Lanita Thomas is suing Magic Johnson for suddenly firing her last month.  Lanita worked as a flight attendant on his private jet from 2004 until last month. Lanita said Magic fired her because she was 15 minutes late but claims it was really because he wanted a younger flight attendant to service him.

aspire Aspire Earvin Magic and Cookie Johnson and Johnson rgb Magic Johnson Sued By Former Flight Attendant Who Squeezed His Red Vines

And speaking of servicing him, Lanita also claims that Magic had some pretty unique requests on his jet:

In her suit, Thomas admits she WAS 15 minutes late to work one day … but says it was only because Magic insists on two specific types of turkey meat on his sandwiches … and she was held up at the deli counter.

She also says Magic was “very particular that all snacks were fresh” … especially when it came to liquorice. 

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Bobby Brown Arrested For DUI

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News | Comments Off

Oh Bobby. I think collectively almost everyone wants Bobby Brown to do better. From drug problems, the loss of Whitney Houston and working on the relationship between him and his daughter Bobbi Kristina, I know I would like to see his life headed in the right direction.  Well, it’s kind of two steps forward and three steps back with him.  E! Online is reporting that Bobby Brown was arrested early this morning in Los Angeles for DUI.

Artists For Peace Bobby Brown Bobby Brown Arrested For DUI

Per published reports, the incident occurred at approximately 1 a.m. when a police cruiser spotted the 43-year-old Brown weaving between lanes around Corbin Avenue and Ventura Boulevard and pulled him over.

Smelling alcohol, officers reportedly administered a field sobriety test, which the singer promptly flunked. He was subsequently taken into custody and booked at a nearby police station. 

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