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President Obama Finally Closes The Argument – Debate Finale

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Celebrity News, Politics | Comments Off

I don’t know what President Obama was doing at the end of the last debate, but fortunately for him, there are three debates, and the consensus is that he owned the second debate in this series. President Obama finally showed up to fight with some heat and some passion. I am not going to post the whole debate, but check out President Obama closing argument below: He’s Back!

Cue the Jeezy…

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It’ll Never End: R. Kelly Releasing 20 More Chapters Of ‘Trapped In The Closet’ In November

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | 1 comment

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not an R. Kelly fan. I will admit that he writes some great music for other folks…but that’s where I stop.  However, a lot of people can’t get enough of him and really loved the Trapped In The Closet series.  Well, if that’s you, then you might rejoice at this bit of information.  R told Time Magzine that more chapters of Trapped In The Closet are on their way, during a recent interview.

JTM 028423 Itll Never End: R. Kelly Releasing 20 More Chapters Of Trapped In The Closet In November


Not only that, there will be 20 chapters.  Furthermore, R says he has HUNDREDS of chapters in his mind that he plans on making so this is pretty much becoming the song that doesn’t end.  What do you think?  Are you excited to see what hot mess R. Kelly will be bringing or does he need to have a stadium full of seats?

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Tyler Perry Shows Off His Weight Loss On ‘Men’s Health’ Magazine Cover

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Celebrity Weight Loss, Magazine Covers | Comments Off

Well look who’s joined the recent celebrity weight loss ranks!! It’s Tyler Perry looking pretty great after a 30 pound weight loss on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine!  With his role in the upcoming movie Alex Cross, Tyler worked with a trainer and changed his diet to shed pounds.

Tyler Perry Mens Health cover Tyler Perry Shows Off His Weight Loss On Mens Health Magazine Cover

His hourlong morning circuits include cardio, body-weight moves, and free-weight and cable work. Afternoons he practices Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art he initially learned for the movie’s fight scenes, and which eventually evolved into an ass-kicking workout.
Perry’s strict nutrition regimen is a far cry from the Big Easy diet he was raised on—the one that led to his mother’s diabetes diagnosis and eventual death. Biscuits, pancakes, pork chops, jambalaya, and dirty rice were replaced by scrambled egg whites, ground turkey chili, grilled chicken breasts, and green shakes.

Since the movie’s end, he’s continued to maintain his workout regime, resulting in his 30 pound weight loss to-date.  Great job Tyler! Check out another photo below: 

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