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Not True! Bobbi Kristina’s Rep Knocks Down Engagement Rumors

Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity News, TV Shows | Comments Off

Usually when a celebrity’s rep comes out and straighten things out it kind of clears up the rumor mill. But in this case, I think it cleared it up a little but leaves a lot of room for speculation.  Bobbi Kristina is trying to clear up some rumors regarding her god-brother/family friend/boyfriend Nick Gordon, according to CNN.  Reports that Bobbi Kristina has confirmed their “engagement” surfaced yesterday after the preview for their new Lifetime network reality show The Houstons: On Our Own surfaced.

Bobbi Kristina Sparkle Premiere with Nick Gordon 5 Not True! Bobbi Kristinas Rep Knocks Down Engagement Rumors

In the clip, some believe that Bobbi says nervously “we’re engaged!” while talking to the family about her relationship with Nick, but I’ve heard the clip about five times now and I don’t hear ANYTHING that sounds like that.  When the rep confirmed that Bobbi and Nick aren’t engaged, she made sure to add “you have to watch the show!” Hmmm. That doesn’t help us believe you!  But peep the clip below and see if you can hear the engagement announcement: 

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Random Celebrity Tweets: Nelly’s Rant Over Texas Drug Bust

Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Celebrity News, Crackheads | Comments Off

For people who don’t know about Texas let me say this:  if you don’t live here and are passing through by vehicle, be on your P’s and Q’s. The highway patrol of this state doesn’t play around.  You have an out of town license plate and that’s pretty much making you more likely to be pulled over.  Rapper Nelly learned that the hard way yesterday morning when he his tour bus was stopped by police.  According to MSN News, Nelly was stopped in Sierra Blanca, Texas by border patrol officers.  A stash of marijuana and heroin was discovered on board.

Nelly tweets Random Celebrity Tweets: Nellys Rant Over Texas Drug Bust

After a time, one of his staff admitted to owning the items in question.  Brian Keith Jones was arrested and Nelly was allowed to continue on his way, but took to Twitter to share his disappointment.  No word if he bailed out his friend or if they just left that up to his family.  Nelly needs to be more careful–that could have ended a lot worse if no one admitted to owning it, I’m sure…

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