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Clealry Greenbay Packers Had The Ball…

My timeline was filled with hate messages for the replacement refs after last night’s game, Greenbay Packers V Seattle Seahawks. Honestly, I missed the whole play. So I had to go and find a video to find out what was going on. Since I am not emotionally invested in either one of these teams (cause the Cowboys beat the Buccaneers) I have to say that Greenbay was robbed. If I were Seattle, I wouldn’t want to be associated with a win like that. The NFL, needs to bring back the real refs because the integrity of the game is on the line. Check out the video of the controversial call from two angles:

I admit in that view it’s hard to tell, but remember the play was under review by the replacement refs, check out that same play from a different angle…

Touchback! Greenbay wins! The End…except that’s now what happened.

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